Mariage Frères

Honyamacha Meicha Grand Cru Thé du Mont Fuji 50 gr


« A tea blessed by the Gods »
Between sea and sky, at the crossroads of fertile valleys framed by spectacular panoramas bathed by the Okitsu river flowing down the mountain from the north, Mariage Frères has produced this exclusive green tea « Meicha » – organic and extremely rare. The soft morning drizzle and the thick evening mists infuse the air with a humidity that cloaks the tea plants in a protective veil that protects them from the harsh rays of the sun. The most delicate saveurs are thus preserved and magnified. The extremely attentive hand-picking followed by a perfectly mastered crafting of the leaves impart an extraordinary taste to this harvest.

Dried leaves : Bright, pure green. This rare cru introduces a bevy of aromas – airy like silver tilleul honey and suave like delicate mangosteen.

Infused leaves : Absinthe-green in colour from which warm, reassuring aromas escape. The wet moss of a bamboo forest exhales its first fragrances, complimented by a gentle, mingling caress of truffle. The flowery-sweet tone is enhanced by an enveloping note of datura.

Liquor : Topaz yellow. The palate is caressed by a pleasant aroma of candied angelica while a delightful note of juicy white currant sparkles until the last drop.

Sumptuously balanced, the taste of sensuality.

Prachtige biologische Japanse groene thee uit Mount Fuji, van hooggelegen theeplantage, gelegen tussen de zee en bergen. Dit is een prachtige Grand Cru, de eerste pluk van het jaar. De theebladeren worden met de hand geoogst, deze Japanse groene thee is uniek, krachtig, licht vegetaal, fris, De thee proeft bijna als honing, zacht zonder bittere smaak. De thee is gezond, vol mineralen, vitamines en antioxidanten. De thee is vacuüm verpakt.  

Trektijd 2 min, 60 °C.


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