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88th Night Tea Grand Cru Thé du Mont Fuji 50 gr


According to the traditional Japanese calendar, the 88TH NIGHT TEA is plucked by hand eighty eight nights after the beginning of spring.
8 is a lucky number in Asia and it takes exactly 88 nights for the buds to bloom completely for the harvest.
The plucking is an occasion for festivities to mark the beginning of the harvest season as well as nature’s awakening after a long winter. The tea gardens exhale a fresh and delicious scent of verdant young leaves.
Delicately crafted right after the harvest, using ancestral methods, this rare and precious green tea retains all the freshness of renewal.
The silky, magnificently umami and ooika liquor carries with it the promise of happy moments to come.

Legends of the Spring.

Prachtige biologische Japanse groene thee uit Mount Fuji, van hooggelegen theeplantage, gelegen tussen de zee en bergen. Dit is een prachtige Grand Cru, de eerste pluk van het jaar. De theebladeren worden met de hand geoogst, deze Japanse groene thee is uniek, krachtig, licht vegetaal, fris, De thee proeft bijna als honing, zacht zonder bittere smaak. De thee is gezond, vol mineralen, vitamines en antioxidanten. De thee is vacuüm verpakt.  

Trektijd 5 min, 95°C.


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